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What are cookies?

Cookies are used for the website to send certain information to your browser or device. Your browser or device holds these cookies and make them available every time you visit a site again so it can remember important information. This information is used to enhance your experience on the website (such as remembering a previous hotel search, your currency settings etc.).


In addition, BestHotelOffers also uses cookies to track visits to the website. This includes information such as visited pages and clicks to booking sites. This information is used for advertising and internal reporting- and analyses purposes. Some third parties, such as Google, use cookies (when logged in) to personalise advertisements. See the table below for a complete overview.


BestHotelOffers is essentially a search engine for hotels. As such, BestHotelOffers works actively and constantly with other third party companies such as booking sites and hoteliers. When you navigate to a third party site, please note that from that moment the cookie- and privacy policy from that third party apply.


None of the cookies used by BestHotelOffers includes information that can personally identify you.


For more information on cookies, we want to refer you to, where you can find an excellent and easy-to-understand overview (including video) on cookies.

How can I change my cookie preferences?

Most browsers and devices accept and store cookies automatically. You can de-activate any cookie if you wish, however, this could mean some website functions are not available and you may not be able to see information that is directly relevant to you.


To disable cookies you don’t wish to be stored in general, we want to refer you to, where you can find an easy step by step method to disable cookies in the browser and/or device of your choice.


For logged in Google-users; you can, if you wish, opt-out of the personalised Google Advertising here:



We offer personalized shopping experiences and advertising through Intent, which uses online identifiers to identify visitors. To view Intent’s privacy policy, click here. To opt out, click here.


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